Mark McMills

Vice President

Dr. Mark McMills is a PhD in Chemistry and faculty at Ohio University in the Department of Chemistry. Dr. McMills is a successful professor and researcher with many publications. He is a course instructor for Organic Chemistry for undergraduate students. He and his wife are both advocates for the promotion of the profession of pharmacy at Ohio University and in Southeast, Ohio. They are faculty advisors and instructors with the Bachelors in Chemistry Pre – Pharmacy degree at Ohio University. They have been involved in the promotion of pharmacy at OU and in Athens for almost 20 years.

Mark served on the board of the Factory Street Studios (FSS) for over 20 years. He is also on the board of Promiliad Biopharma (drug research). He has a daughter who graduated from Athens High School and now resides in California. Mark has been with Ohio University and has lived in Athens for almost 30 years.